Benefits For Principal

  • Fingertip access to important documents.
  • Easy management of faculty and learners.
  • Paperless, thus environment-friendly work atmosphere.

Benefits For Teacher

  • Stress-free creation of timetables for learners.
  • Easier access to learning material and resources.
  • Objective and individualistic syllabus allocation.

Benefit For Student

  • Ability to choose subjects at their discretion.
  • Non-imposing and tension free approach to education.
  • Indiscriminative evaluation and feedback.

Benefit For Parents

  • Comprehensive idea of their ward's performance.
  • Transparent interaction with management, faculty and school life.
  • Trustworthy system of education.

Benefit For Librarian

  • Easier record keeping.
  • Efficient management of checked-in and checked-out books.
  • Better management of online repositories.

Benefits For Accountant

  • Data management made easier.
  • Faster generation of financial reports.
  • Aiding in data analyzation.