Product Features

Manage all your students’ examinations, grades, report cards, etc., for any school boards like CBSE, ICSE, SSC, IGCSE and IB with our Gradebook tool. Customize student examinations report cards, schedules and much more with our grading software.

Users Management

This system delivers satisfaction in job well done to all users of it. While maintaining the sanctity of the education system, we promise to transform and elevate the approach to learning through this system.


Relieve yourselves from administrative duties and focus on what you do best: teach! Leave the rest to SimplexGenius


We know you've got so much on your plate, that's why this system was designed for you.


Do not worry about being pressured into something you don't want. Do what makes you happy. That's our motto.


With SimplexGenius, always be updated about your ward's performance.

Staff Recruitments

Induct new employees into your organization with much ease.

Attendance Tracking

Attendance sure becomes easy with a transformed approach to education. This system helps you kep up with them.

Automated Payroll System

No more worries about paying or being paid the salary on time.

Employee Management

A centralised and secure method of taking care of your employees details

Hr & Payroll

Management of employees and their payment taken care of, by us

Account Management

We give special care to your details and your bank with the help of our efficient account management system.

Dynamic Fee Plans

A special locker to keep track of all the financial plans of the academic year.

Accept Donations

We thrive in your generosity.

Fee concession

Here to make avail of scholarships? click here to know more

Custom Fee Receipt

We can generate a fee receipt at your request whenever you want.


All questions welcome!.

Random Selection

Make use of this technique to randomly select learners, subjects, faculty, classrooms, etc!.

Registration Enquiry

All enquiries about rgistration welcome here.

Admission Summary

All one needs to know about admission and its process.

Admission Management

The beginning of the year is always a hectic time. Let this system help you.


Do not let the age old myth of exams being bad fool you. We are here to make it an unforgettable experience.

Exam Timetable

Create easy schedules and have easy access to it.

Hall Tickets Generation

Automated Hallticket generation.

Report Card

Now have your report cards waiting for you at your fingertips.


All our mark sheets in one location. Do not think of destroying it. You can't!.

Year Wise Student Performance

Calculate graphically the performance of a learner over the years.

Real Time Online Attendance

Attendance monitored in real time. Removes the hassle of human error.

Teacher Performance Reports

Feedback forms and evaluation of faculty by the students and peers.

Circular &

Distribute and create all school notices from here.


Annual school reports available here. Keep track of performance.

ID Card Generation

Simple one click generation of ID card for all students.

Generate ID card

Easy generation of ID card.


Click to download certificates.

Transfer Certificate

Generate TC whenever you want!.

Leave Application

Take a holiday whenever you need now!.


View photos and videos here.


An array of subjects to choose from. Always remember to do what you love.


Choose the category of your choice.


Know of a resource person who can help you in a field? Video call them.

Learning Management

All the methods of managing learning available here.

Library Management

Welcome to the world of books! An easy to manage system for all those who enjoy reading.

Book Issue

Issue your favourite book without any difficulty.


Want to join the book club or the library? Click here and avail many perks.

Book QRCode

FInd the QRCode for your book here.


Got lost in the book and lost track of time? It comes at a price. Pay your fines here without any hassle.

Student Greivance

Voice all your concerns to us here. We haveboth our ears perked up to listen to your problems and solve them.

Staff Greivance

Your contribution is of utmost importance to us, therefore never hesitate to come to us with any of your problems.


This is the only suggestion box for anything you might want to say to us.

Health Management

The good health of all our learners and staff will always be in our prayers. click here to know more about how we can help keep you healthy.

Student Medical History

We keep a track of your health reports. You can find them here.

Teacher Medical History

We keep a track of your health reports. You can find them here.


Plan your vacation according to this calendar of holidays.

Co-curriculum activitiy

Take part in these activities to keep your body, mind and soul refreshed always.


All the events of the year available in this calendar.

Notice & Notifications

Find out if you've received and notices or notifications through this link.

Events & Notices

We promise to sent you a notice about every event before it happens to have your days planned accordingly.


Live far away? do not worry. Our transportation has you covered.

Vehicle Insurance

All our transportation insurance details here.

Bus Route

Find out if our school buses pass through your neighbourhood. If not, let us know in the suggestions.

Service Maintenance

A look at how we take care of our buses.

Bus Attendance

A systematic record of who comes and goes in our buses so that we don't forget any of you.


Contact details provided here. Ring us up! We'd love to hear from you.

Online Help

We're always available online with the help of a very efficient team that helps answer all your queries.


Our contact and Email address here.

On Site Support & Training

Training and support provided for on site work.

Technical Assistance

Click this link to avail of any technical assistance you may need.